The Implementation Department mainly deals with installation, testing and integration of telecommunications systems. So far our employees and subcontractors have had the opportunity to implement projects related to:

  • Broadband devices with access to Internet DSL
  • Data transmission based on SDH, DWDH, CWDM technologies
  • Commutative systems - telephone switches & Remote Switching Module
  • Wireless systems of data transmission, which are based on 2G, 3G, 4G and CDMA technologies.

Access to highly skilled professionals gives us the opportunity to execute contracts efficiently and comprehensively using devices from various producers that offer communicative solutions. We are ready to face any challenge that is thrown our way by even the most demanding client.

About us

Dacomet first appeared on the market in 1993 providing local telecommunications services. Initially, the work mainly consisted of installation ...

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Customer Service - Helpdesk

Technical on-line support deals with customers from all over the world, according to established internal processes ...

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